Monday 13 February 2006

Views from a Coffeehouse

So I was sitting in one of my local coffeehouses a couple of weeks ago when I stopped what I was doing and looked around:

The woman in the sofa next to me was quite well dressed, had made an order for a cappuccino, was talking on the phone in quite a posh accent and was reading a cheapy tabloid - which I thought was a little out of character. Across from me was another woman who had ordered something vegetarian and looked like she was waiting for someone else to arrive. They were either late or stood her up - either way she left as soon as she finished eating. A third woman across and to my left (there were guys, but they all seemed to walk through my seating area and outside to smoke) drank a second cup of tea while she opened the wrapping on what looked like a new journal notebook. After a few moments of looking around she started to make an entry.

I couldn't help wondering what she was writing about...was it us?

That's when I got the idea that it might be fun to write a few reflections on thoughts that I have while at a coffeehouse. It will probably be about people watching, inspiration from books I'm reading, conversations with other customers or staff, the music that is being played, the art work on the walls, aspects of my developing theology or the view from the coffeehouse window. I may even record experiences outside the coffeehouse like walking down the street or chatting at a kitchen table. The common thread will be coffee in some shape or form.


"God saw all that he had made, [including the coffee bean] and it was very good."
Genesis 1:31