Thursday 3 April 2008

Stealing Kisses

While I sipped my latte this evening I happened to pause and look up over my cup. In the quarter of a second in which it took for my eyes to observe the scene around me I noticed a couple, leaning in close to each other, her arms hooked around his neck. She was moving in to kiss him when, perhaps because of my slight movement, she happened to glance at me as she made contact with him.

Immediately I felt as though I had stepped in to a moment, moved in to an intimate space in which I was neither invited, nor wanted to be. It felt quite odd and I was glad when they both left a few minutes later.

Perhaps this is why kisses are always better with your eyes closed.


Snot Head said...

Awkward...I know that feeling, but it seems more and more people in America could care less about who sees them or even what they are doing when one sees them...scary. haha

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