Friday 17 February 2006

At the Village Cafe

I had a most enjoyable time today eating lunch and drinking coffee with 'D'. We met at the Village Cafe and spent a couple of hours together talking about many things - except for perhaps the most obvious topic.

'D' is connected to an area of our ministry and I have always enjoyed talking and listening to him. The other day we made arrangements to meet in town for lunch today. I'm not sure how old 'D' is. Probably somewhere in his late seventies. For the latter half of his life he has been involved in drama in its various forms - film, TV, theatre. He has been part of a touring theatre company, directed and produced plays, had a number of roles in films staring alongside some big names, and even made a few appearances in 'Father Ted'!

We talked about some of the films he liked and about Irish poets and travel and Shakespeare. 'D' has also written a few poems in his time. I'd like to read a few of his poems. He said it would give him an excuse to organize them and he would dig them out. I can't help wondering about "hidden works of art" that there must be in other people I've come to know. It would be nice to do something to draw these out of people, especially my elderly acquaintances.

I wish I could have spent longer with 'D', but I needed to get on. As we parted company 'D' shook my hand and gave me an affectionate knock on the arm. I think he appreciated the time as much as I did. We made some tentative plans to meet again soon and play some chess.

Although I offered him a lift home, 'D' decided the walk would do him good. His next appointment this afternoon was at St Lukes for another dose of radiotherapy.

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