Saturday 11 October 2008

Starbucks in Dalkey

A few months ago I mentioned that there was quite a stir in the coastal village/town of Dalkey, just south of Dublin. Plans were underway for opening a Starbucks and some locals didn't like the idea.

Anyway, Starbucks went ahead and opened a couple of weeks ago and as I was kind of passing Dalkey I had the opportunity to pop in for a latte this week. (My wife would later dispute the 'kind of passing Dalkey' and was a little concerned that it meant our kids who were with me only had cookies and crisps for lunch - plus a bottle of expensive fresh orange juice, I retorted!)

My first impression of this Starbucks was...I couldn't find it! This has to be the most discrete store I've ever seen. I drove past three times before I saw it. Once inside, I have to say, I really liked it. Although there wasn't many places to sit on the ground floor, the upstairs looked like a great place to hang out/do business/study/meet friends, plus anything else that makes Starbucks more than just over-priced coffee.

Now to be fair I didn't get a chance to visit any of the other cafes in that town, but there does seem to be a few choices. Reports from locals suggest particular loyalty to the other coffee shops so there shouldn't be any worry about those ones going out of business. Right?


Ali said...

Cosmo mate! Good to see you back and drinking coffee again. Have missed your craic.

Glad you made it to Dalkey on a detour ;-)

Cosmo said...

Thanks Ali! I've been a bit in the blogging doldrums recently, but your message has inspired me to drink more coffee!

David said...

Cosmo! I am glad that your kids got their fresh orange juice and cookies. That is a great meal in itself.

BTW, your quest for a coffee in all of the Starbucks in your country has inspired me to consider the same type of quest in my own country. I wonder how long that would take. Hmmmmm?

I better get started. thanks Cosmo. Cheer up, man. It is still a beautiful world, if only because of the people you love.


Anonymous said...

Cosmo, i found starbucks in Dalkey a little cold and unfriendly, not up to their normal standard, it always seem to have school girls shouting over each other in it! I'm inclined to continue to support the likes of the county bake or idlewild, friendly warm and local.


Viv k.

Cosmo said...

Hi Viv,

Thanks for your comment! I know what you mean about the school girls! The was a whole bunch of them upstairs when I visited. (Is a Starbucks store sustainable if only frequented by students?)

I'm sure you're right about the other cafes in town being more warm and friendly. I don't get down to Dalkey much, but I promise that next time I'm there I'll stop by Country Bake and Idlewild.

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