Friday 23 June 2006

Do you save water?

I had an enjoyable hour drinking coffee, reading my book about the message of Jesus (see below) and watching the world go by at the bench cafe in Ballsbridge. (I think I was in Ballsbridge - one of the posher areas of Dublin, anyway. Not far from the beautiful Herbert Park where my wife and children were meeting another mum and toddler.)

I managed to get a seat at a small table outside, right on the main road. Although it was quite loud, it helped me to put my reading in perpective. I couldn't help wondering what people's perception of Jesus Christ was and if they read what I was reading would it alter their view and ultimately their lives? (You really should get a copy of this book!)

A bus went buy with a big poster on the side encouraging people to conserve water. Can people be bothered enough to do just that, I thought, let alone radically transform their worldview through the kingdom of God perspective that Jesus brings? I really hope so. That's what I've dedicated my life to. That's what I long to see happen.

By the way, some of the architecture on Baggot Street is great. Well worth the price of a coffee.

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