Thursday 4 October 2007

On the Radio

I was a special guest on a local radio show today. I say 'today', but it was recorded live to be broadcast on Sunday.

I've done some stuff on radio and TV a couple of times before with other people, but it has always been with a script. Today was just me and the presenter with no script so I was a bit nervous. Fortunately there was a Starbucks just meters away so I was able to grab a coffee before we got started. I also blatantly ignored the signs and took the drink into the studio with me. It helped.

It was just a half hour piece where I was interviewed about The Salvation Army and my role in it, and also about my Christian faith. I was also asked to choose three songs to play. For various reasons I chose:

The Hymn, 'Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven'
A track by Coldplay, 'A Message'
And finally, 'You led me to the cross' by Matt Redman. We only got about 45 seconds of that one before it was faded out because of time. Never mind.

Unfortunately the radio station is only a small, community based project that doesn't have the capacity to listen online. So unless you are going to be somewhere in the region of south Dublin on Sunday at 5:30pm you won't be able to hear it. If I can get a copy of the programme I'll try and podcast it, but don't hold your breath as I have no idea how to do that! (Suggestions, anyone?)


Chemical said...

So how did it sound? And where's the podcast??

Cosmo said...

I thought it sounded quite good, but I would say that!

I've asked if they can send me a copy. If they do I'll try and figure out how to upload it here.