Tuesday 5 August 2008

Cup Holders - Breaking News!

In order to combat the mind numbing task of grocery shopping (I'm not sure now how it wound up as my responsibility) I decided to go to a different store than usual. I went to a local store of the chain referred to below - and low and behold they had trolleys with "cup holders". Plus a separate holder for the scanner gun!!! (And one for a bunch of flowers).

Could it really be a cup holder?!?


A regular latte was swiftly bought from the store cafe and I went about my task in a much better mood.

Salad, onions, (sip, sip) bread, milk, cheese, (sip, sip) washing powder, orange juice, (Hey, look at me everyone. I'm drinking a cup of coffee while putting frozen peas in my trolley).

It just felt right.


RJ said...

God is good, yes? Sounds like a great place so I'm glad you found it. I recall the first time I found a Starbucks in a grocery store I thought a little bit of heaven had come to earth. Well, ok, that's an overstatement, but it was still cool. Be well.

Anonymous said...

I hate shopping :( but the idea of a cuppa on the way round, even if it's coffee!! would make the task so much more enjoyable..

Ali said...

Cosmo ... saw this and thought of you:


Cosmo said...

Thanks for the tip-off, ali. Will blog about this later...

storyteller said...

How delightful! I discovered your blog though a comment you left at Tea4Two-Two4Tea (regarding creating blog posts in Word 2007) and arrived with a specific question I'll ask in a moment, but first (as I stop for a sip of MY freshly brewed coffee here at home in Southern California) I wish to say I enjoy your Blog title and theme immensely. We've had various 'coffee shops' in grocery stores for years now and I used to use the child's seat as my cup holder, but about 6 months ago they added cup holders to the shopping carts (that I assume you call trolleys in Dublin). It's amazing how easy it is to find coffee wherever I go these days.

Now for my question. I've been unable to register my blog(s) successfully with Word 2007. I get the following error message:

Ah ... it seems I no longer HAVE the question because this time (when I tried just now to see the actual error message) the registration process worked. I'd tried it several times previously w/o success. I wonder if there's something 'magic' about being
connected with your Dublin blog? LOL

Oh my ... in any case, it was a pleasure to meet a fellow coffee lover. I've got 3 blogs ... Small Reflections where I post daily, Sacred Ruminations where I post 3-4 times a week, and Blog Rolls and Bling (basically a holding area to make the other blogs run faster) on which I publish periodically. I hope you'll drop by when time permits. Have a lovely day!
Hugs and blessings,

Cosmo said...

Hi storyteller. Thanks for dropping by! If you are posting a comment at 12:17pm in Ireland then it must be 4:17am in California!!! Do you really get up that early? Or have you not gone to bed yet?

Yes, a shopping cart is a trolley.

Glad you got Word sorted out.

I'll check out your blogs