Wednesday 17 September 2008

Going too far for coffee

I woke up this morning and decided to make a 300 mile round trip just to get a cup of coffee.

In my quest to visit every Starbucks in ROI I knew that my biggest challenge was going to be getting a latte from stores outside of Dublin. The Starbucks website has two such stores listed. One in Kildare and the other in Cork.

I have already managed to visit the Kildare store. I'd rate it as one of the nicest Starbucks around. It's in a small outlet mall (with a great kids playground) just outside of the town (or city?) of Kildare, about an hour's drive from home.

As for Cork, that was going to be another matter. But today, I did it! And it was relatively simple.

Fortunately the store in Cork is at Cork International Airport, so when I saw Ryanair doing a special offer for flights I couldn't resist the opportunity for knocking this one off my list. The latte cost more than the plane tickets!

It was all a bit if a surreal experience, walking up to the barista and ordering my drink, a wry smile on my face. I was desperate to tell him what I was doing, but as it's all a bit silly I decided not too.

After the coffee I bought a sandwich and sat outside of the airport on a sunny embankment. Then I got on a plane and came home again.

Now I need to quickly finish off visiting the last couple of stores in Dublin so I can say I did it because if they open up a store in, say, Leitrim I'm not sure that I'll ever get around to completing the task.


storyteller said...

Considering I have about 10 Starbucks stores within about a 5 mile radius of my home … and another within walking distance … the thought of making a 300 mile round trip boggles my mind … seriously! I don't even go there myself except to purchase BREAKFAST BLEND beans, and then only occasionally
Hugs and blessings,

Ali said...

You're mad ... I love it!

Ali said...

PS I've tagged you, again! See my blog for details :-)

Nicoley said...
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Nicoley said...

Sorry I hate how there's no edit function on went to Cork airport, to buy coffee and then get a plane home again? That is brilliant...I love planes!

Wallace said...

you are mad! fair play to you for doing it!

Cosmo said...

Thanks Ali and Wallace for what I assume is a professional opinion of my mental health!

Storyteller, to be honest the are other cafes a lot closer that I would be more than happy to spend time at. I've just allowed myself to get carried away a bit.

Nicoley, yes, for the most part , planes are fun. The skies were clear for a good part of the flight and so I spoted this isolated beach on the approach to Cork airport. I'd like to visit it ine warm, sunny day.

BTW, N., I listened to a couple of tracks by Regina Spektor that you recommended. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

how i would adore drinking a grande americano in county cork....i'm ENVIOUS!!!!!

Cosmo said...

Hi Anon,

What's stoping you flying to Cork yourself? (What part of the world are you in?)

jsi said...

Exceptional! Terrific!
Taking an air flight and that still being less expensive than the cup of coffee.
Great news - that is one dedicated coffee drinker.

Phiasmir said...

Hey! found your blog through nicoley, also go to highschool, liked your talk on tuesday :P
You are very dedicated to your starbucks venture!

Cosmo said...

Hi phiasmir! Welcome to my coffeehouse. It's always nice to hear from HS students.

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