Saturday 9 January 2010

Coffee Morning

Ireland is currently in the grip of Old Man Winter - an unprecedented cold snap and blanketing of snow (all relative of course). By Friday afternoon the government decided to close all schools until next Wednesday. All Schools! The whole country!!! Most kids haven't even returned to school following the Christmas break. This is one that will be talked about for years.

Anyway, when it's cold outside the idea of getting out of bed is tough going, made worse by three young children who never seem to know how to play nicely together at 7:30am. However, salvation came in two forms: Saturday morning TV for the kids and a cafetiere of delicious Bolivian coffee and a couple of brioche to take back upstairs for myself and the wife.

What a treat. Sitting in bed watching the big fluffy flakes fall outside while enjoying a fantastic coffee and reading a book. A book I got for Christmas (and when I say I got I mean I got it - and gave it to my wife to wrap up) about coffee. 250 pages of nothing but coffee. Brilliant.

I had just worked my way through the growing regions of Central and South America and was moving on to India when the limits of Saturday morning TV kicked in. I'd like to say it was the responsible parent in me that got me out of bed....but it was the thought of another cup.


Snot Head said...

Wow!! The whole country?! Crazy! I will go back and click on the link for that book in a minute after I comment here. You should know I won't be able to stifle my curiousity about a whole book about coffee. ;o)

How are you?! My husband and I are well. We moved in with his parents after both of us having lost our jobs this past year. We have been here two weeks now and are finally done moving. Yuck! I also got a job! I just found out yesterday, but I'm going to be a home care nurse/companion for a family friend's mother. I start tomorrow morning!

I made something recently that you and your wife may like, and if so, I would love to send you some as a gift. They are coffee mug cozies! I will e-mail pics soon so you can check them out. I would love to be able to give you both something, even if Christmas is over! haha

Off to click the link about the coffee book. :)

Cosmo said...

Coffee mug cozies? Awesome!

Nice to hear from you again. Hope you had a good Christmas. (We did.)

Hope your new job goes well.

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