Monday 30 October 2006

Some Catching Up To Do

I have a feeling that in order keep up a blog you have to make a bit of a habit of it. For one reason or another I've not posted for a few weeks, which is a shame because I have drunk lots of coffee which inspired some thoughts for blogging.

Anyway, I'm back now. If you're still interested in the thoughts that go through my head while drinking a regular latte read on! I'll try and catch up over the next few days.


Howard said...

Always interested in keeping up with your thoughts from the Dublin Coffee Bars.

Cosmo said...

Thanks, Howard. The next couple of posts are a little further afield.

I do have one location for a coffee near me that I must go to in honour of you. (Keep watching, it will make sense when I finaly get around to it.)

By the way, I tried to leave a witty comment on your blog a couple of weeks ago but it never got published...

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