Monday 30 October 2006


A couple of weeks ago we, as a family, were over in London. My wife was taking a writers course. (I've been nagging my wife for ages to get back in to writing - I hope this is a first step in returning to something she is very good at.) Because my wife is feeding our son it meant he had to go to London too. Because my son couldn't go on the course I had to go to London to babysit during class times. It just made sense that our two year old daughter should come too.

While in London it gave me a chance to catch up with my sister and her brilliant family. My sister and brother-in-law are involved in cross-cultural ministry in the east end of London. I've got so much respect for what they are doing. It's great stuff.

My sister has recently purchased a nice espresso machine so she made a few lattes. I said, as I sipped, that I'd mention this latte on my blog.

So here it is.


(My sister also has a new bread maker which makes delicious breads, but this blog isn't about bread so I won't mention it. However, she did make some kind of trifle soaking the sponge in freshly brewed espresso. The aforementioned two year old loved it.)


NC said...

Finally made it to your blog after your subtle mentions of the address! Thanks for the kind comments, particularly in regards to the latte...

dublin mom said...

You don't 'babysit' your own children!

Cosmo said...

When I said, 'babysit' I think I was talking about the times I would be holding the baby while sitting. The rest of the time was a wonderful, if sometimes hard, week spent with my beautiful family.

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