Thursday 4 January 2007

Coffee Lingo

Insomnia Coffee Company are now open in Rathmines...Actually they've been open for ages, but I guess I didn't get around to blogging it.

Anyway, they have a poster up so you can use their coffee language when ordering. Hmmm.

  • Split - half the caffeine
  • Dry - extra foam
  • Wet - extra steamed milk
  • Skinny - low fat milk
  • No Fun - decaffeinated
  • Harmless - skinny and no fun
  • With Wings - take away
  • Wild - with whipped cream
  • No Whip - without whipped cream
  • Barista - esspresso bartender (well, duh!)

As you know, my usual preference is for a regular latte just as it comes. But maybe 2007 is the year of coffee experimentation. Maybe I could even randomly chose three phrases from above and see what I get. Maybe. (What if I got a wild barista with wings? Or worse?)