Tuesday 20 March 2007

Wise Word

Deadlines for my studies are pressing in on me so I went out again tonight to my local coffeehouse to hit the books for a couple of hours.

Alister McGrath, in the introduction to his Christian Theology: An Introduction, says that theology is one of the most exciting subjects to study. Some people may choose other words than exciting, but I would tend to agree with him. I'm not sure why people oppose Christianity as something only for weak or simple minded people. Yes, these people have much to gain from Christianity, but there is so much more to getting your head around the things of God. Should you desire you can plumb the depths of all things historical, philosophical, moral and eschatological within theology. For me tonight it was Christology - thinking about Christ.

One view which has really struck me in my reading this evening was the thought of a cosmological Logos Christology. (Now there's a Phrase to bring up at a dinner party.) In essence, seeing Jesus Christ as the Logos (Word/Reason/Reality/Wisdom) of God who always has and always will hold the entire cosmos together like some sort of ontological cement. To reject this Logos is to reject reality and begin to slip back into pre-creation non-being. But this Logos became incarnate in flesh and blood (Jesus) in order to redeem creation and prevent a return to disorder by repairing the fabric of the universe so that humanity can become participants in the divine nature.

That's pretty heavy, I know, and I'm not sure I fully grasp it. But that's what makes theology exciting, I suppose - the wanting to grasp it.

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