Sunday 1 April 2007

Background Music

I've yet to see in a record store a section entitled, 'Coffeehouse Background Music.' So I'm not sure where cafes get their selection of music. I usually quite like it in a sort of unnoticeable-but-there kind of way.

But the other day, while I was in Insomnia, a track came on which caught my attention. Maybe it was the slightly sensual French(???) accent or perhaps it was these words of the refrain:

This is my life.
I can't live it twice.
All I can give is a piece of my heart.

I'm not sure who was singing. Perhaps a quick google will reveal something. Excuse me a moment...............Ok, I'm back. I didn't find anything conclusive. Just a few quotes of the song on a couple of Russian sites. (Maybe it was a Russian accent). I've left a comment on someone's blog and I'll wait to see if I get an answer.

Anyway, I wrote the words down in my pocket notebook because I thought it was quite profound...although I'm not so sure now.


Cosmo said...

blonde-by-life says the song is:
Jazzamor - A Piece Of My Heart

So now I know. And so do you.

Matt S said...

Sounds like an interesting song. Is a piece enough? I guess it depends who you're giving it to.

Cosmo said...

matt s,

Sorry to take so long to respond. For some reason I've got out of the habbit of writing.

Maybe I should get the track to see if a piece is enough. Or come up with some cheesy phrase about giving a peace of your heart.

Anyway, is 'matt s' that matt s I know who is married to ES and has great kids, AS, CS and M&S? (Sorry, just kidding about the third)

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