Tuesday 8 May 2007


I've just spent a really great bank holiday weekend - in Yorkshire. My wife and I, along with our two children, flew over to England to spend a couple of days with some good friends of ours, A. & H. There was lots to talk about, which meant lots of coffee. In fact the weekend, in coffee terms at least, was sandwiched between a couple of regular lattes at arrival and departure from Leeds/Bradford airport, both times activating the use of my second motto in life: 'Never say no to donuts.'

A. & H., along with their two children of a similar age to ours, are developing areas of creative ministry within a town called Tadcaster - so we have lots in common. It was really great to spend some quality time talking about family issues, Christian mission and theology along with a good dose of laughter (all related to the above, and more) and just pure fun with our kids. We challenged each other in our spiritual development and searched for answers to why we do what we do.

Thanks, guys. I can't wait to get together again.

The sweet taste of a donut made me feel good while checking-in, but having to surrender my coffee at the security check before I finished left me wanting more.

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