Tuesday 1 May 2007

One Year On

In an attempt to visit every Starbucks in Ireland, do you think it counts to visit refreshment stands that "proudly serve Starbucks coffee?" I've decided no.

However, I was at one such place today - a coffee stand in Dublin Zoo. The regular latte that was served to me was only half-full, but I decided not to complain. Not just because I think of myself as an optomist at heart, but because I was spending a lovely day at the zoo with my wife and two children, celebrating my youngest's first birthday. I'm not sure that he was overly impressed with the animals, but he did seem to enjoy his first taste of cake. (Who wouldn't?)

Anniversaries of special dates always seem to make you reflect on why that date is so special and what happened to make a particular number and month standout anytime you see it somewhere. On 1st May last year I definately could of done with a rereshment stand that proudly servered any decent coffee. But I can't complain. All I had to do was hold my wife's hand. (Everything else was just amazing.)

Anyway, I love you, Little Guy. But you are going to have to wait untill you're at least three before you can have some coffee with that cake.

(When did I start drinking coffee.....???)

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