Wednesday 22 August 2007

Art Imitating Life?

As I sat in the coffeehouse this evening reading about people who attempt to sustain a Christian life outside of a congregation the music playing in the background was Bon Jovi (probably a greatest hits album). Wouldn't you know it?, the track that played as I was reading was 'Keep the Faith'!

It made me wonder if anyone in the band came from a religious background. After all, one of their best know hits was 'Livin' on a Prayer'. ("Woohaaa, we're half way there", - come on, sing it - "Whoohaa, livin' on a prayer..."

That said, I don't think the next song that was played, 'Lay Your Hands on Me', has much to do with what St Paul was writing about.

The person with the power of the CD remote control obviously didn't like that song as it stopped half way through. Perhaps it was too sensual for them. Or maybe too spiritual. Or perhaps just too loud.


jsi said...

Okay, who can ever resist the next line when Bon Jovi is rockin' "Oh we're half way there"?!. Of course, any self-respecting soul has to respond, 'Whoa oh, livin' on a prayer!"
And play their air guitar.
And toss their long rock hair.
And grab their invisible, but very steady microphone stand and wail!

Livin' on a prayer - how relevant!

Now that's song's in my head until at least tomorrow.
Have a great night!

Chemical said...

An odd coincidence here. I was at the hospital yesterday, and the exact same CD was playing somewhere in the background.

It didn't strike me until I read your post, but given the titles of the tracks, a strange choice to be playing on a hospital ward, don't you think??

Good grief, that's scary!

Cosmo said...


Did you also notice that one of the tracks is 'Bad Medicine'?!

Chemical said...


No, I didn't. Someone up there needs serious help!!

Wallace said...

Hello from Galway! I am a new reader to your blog... I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying it.

Cosmo said...

Hello Wallace,

Thanks for stopping by. It's always nice to know people read this stuff!

I've been living in Ireland for four years but have yet to make it to Galway I'm afraid. Any good places for coffee there?