Tuesday 4 September 2007

Dragon's Rest

Driving home from a miserable holiday (don't ask. It involves lots of vomit!) we stopped at a cafe in North Wales as we headed for the boat back over to Ireland.

The 'Dragon's Rest' is a quaint cafe serving the usual sort of toasted sandwiches, jacket potatoes and cooked breakfasts that are typical of roadside eateries. Their marketing ploy of painting CAFE in huge letters on the roof obviously worked on us as we clearly saw it from the road and pulled off. We sat upstairs and admired the view: beautiful rolling hills with flecks of white that I presumed were sheep.

Following lunch I ordered a latte to take away with me - although they called it a 'milky coffee' which, I suppose, is an accurate English translation of cafe latte. While paying for my coffee I asked what the story was regarding a couple of posters they had on the wall petitioning to 'Stop the Truck Stop'. Apparently there are plans afoot to transform my polka dot hill into a big restaurant and shops.

The good folks of the Dragon's Rest and other concerned local citizens are not taking the idea lightly and started a blog to provide updates as to what is happening and what you can do. You can read about it here. Although the deadline for raising objections passed a few weeks ago I will continue to stop by their blog every now and then to see how the story unfolds.

So raise your milky coffee with me and say, "Power to the people".