Thursday 22 November 2007

Creme Bruleé

Purely for the sake of my blog I picked up a Creme Bruleé latte from Starbucks tonight.

Just as expected:


I didn't even drink a quarter of it as it got progressively sweeter and more sickly with every sip. Don't let me put you off though.

Actually, do. I've been writing about Starbucks too much lately and need to stop giving them so much free ad space.

However, you may want to experiment with the phrase 'creme bruleé', said in its intended french accent. For years this has proved a sufficient form of expletive or statement of shock with a slightly sophisticated edge to it. Try it.

Creme bruleé!

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Our dessert of choice is going to be my wife's homemade pecan pie. Now that will go great with a regular latte.

Creme bruleé!


Ali said...

I love creme brulee, and now you're turning it into a swear word??!

Nancy Mon said...

Last night at Starbucks, we ordered grande decaf, no sugar, non fat gingerbread latte with light whip. The guy called out a grande why bother with light whip.

Oh, I am a friend of Dana's and found your blog through her.

Cosmo said...


Feel free to use it just as an expression of exclaimation(!) However, try one of these drinks and see what words come out of your mouth!

nancy mon,

Welcome to the Coffeehouse!

I like your minimalist approach to fancy coffee concoctions :-)

Ali said...

'grande decaf, no sugar, non fat gingerbread latte with light whip.'


This could be why I just drink 'tea'!

Dana said...

Yay! Nancy came along!!!

I don't care for creme is too close to flan for my liking. It's a texture thing.

as for Starbuck's...I'm afraid I like my coffee rather plain. Strong, with lots of cream NO sugar. So, rather than pay a lot for just coffee, I get the juice blends. My fav is the pomegranate strawberry with tea...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

but you don't pay "alot" for "justcoffee" when you order an americano....grande in a venti cup-that way you have plenty of room for lots of cream-no sugar and Great "plain" coffee! (just make sure they don't fill the venti cup with extra hot water!)

Dana said...

Thanks for the info...I am afraid I am pretty much Starbuck's ignorant...

Cosmo said...

Hi anonymous.

Good tip. But do Starbucks serve americano? I thought it was just filter if you wanted it plain. I suppose you could ask for a grande filter (ask for Fairtrade!) put in a venti mug. (They do tend to overfill mugs at Starbucks.)

Anyway, maybe I should take another trip for research purposes.

By the way, anonymous, do you have a name/blog?


You're probably best being Starbucks ignorant. Not only does it show you as counter-cultural, you'll also save a small fortune!

jsi said...

I adore creme brulee, and it is so easy to make at home. I just might make some tonight now that you've brought it to mind. Our family does like many things, but creme brulee is one of the favs for dessert.
Pecan pie for Thanksgiving is quite nice indeed, especially with a cup of java.