Monday 5 November 2007

Overheard in Starbucks

While waiting in line for some coffee, two women behind me were talking. Fortunately it was loud enough for me to hear some of it.

"I love coffee, but it makes me all shaky."

I was curious what kind of coffee she drinks and whether they serve it at Starbucks. Then the other one said,

"I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel like I'm 28."

This particularly got my attention so I leaned back a little to find out why it was so terrible to feel like someone who is 28 (quite a specific feeling, wouldn't you say?). The answer: because she is only 23!

So many thoughts went through my head...


jsi said...

I will say, I really enjoyed 28. You couldn't pay me enough to return to 16 or 20, but 28 was fabulous.

Ali said...

I want one of the first woman's coffees! Sounds like she had a wee slug of Bush in there ;-)

Dana said...

I want to feel 28. I know it's pretty much ancient, but it has to feel better than whatever age I feel. :)

Wallace said...

That is a good question... what is wrong with being 28? 28 was a great age! Did she seem troubled that she was feeling so "old"?

Cosmo said...

Yes, she did seem to give the impression that she felt a bit out of sorts - wheter or not this can be translated as old is up to you!

I wonder how an 18 year old feels about one day become 23?

I agree with you all. 28 was a good year. My wife and I were being trained for the ministry: classes in the mornings and sleeping, ahemm, I mean self directed study in the afternoons. No pressure of a job. No responsibility for children. Time to read books, discuss, and create lasting friendships. Wonderful!

jess said...

hey! just stopped by from ventage inklings and i love your blog!

Cosmo said...

Hi Jess!

Thanks for poping in for a coffee.

I'll be over to visit your blog and I'll add a link from here.

God bless!

Cosmo said...

Hello again Jess,

A quick glance at your blogger profile revealed that you have yet to experience what it feels like to be 23 - let alone the ancient age of 28!

When you get there, please remind us what it was like!!!

jess said...

28 is no where near ancient! :)