Sunday 2 December 2007

Coffee and Porridge

Yesterday I visited The High School (where I regularly lead morning assemblies) to look around their Fairtrade Fair. It was brilliant! I must also admit that I really liked the fact that so many of the students said hello to me - "Hey look! It's the Salvation Army man" - which is a great ego boost that makes you feel good.

As a supporter of the movement for Fairtrade, I was really pleased to see the school so well involved in setting up stands selling Fairtrade goods - and it wasn't just tea, coffee and bananas! The was a great range of different foods - biscuits, cereal, juices, pasta, jams, Christmas cake - all ensuring that the producers got paid a fair and livable wage which can transform a community. (Can you think of an easier way to make a difference in the world? It's literally a piece of cake!) There was also loads of gifts, toys and craft items. If you didn't make it to the fair you can find them at Oxfam.

Of course, there was plenty of coffee for sale!

One table that caught my eye was selling bowls of uncooked porridge. I soon learned that it was fundraising for an HIV/AIDS related scheme in Zimbabwe called the Matilda Project. This project provides home based care for sufferers of this dreadful disease, but it also raises money for work with AIDS orphans and provides a nutritional breakfast for these children. I was only too happy to buy a bowl of porridge which I will later cook and serve to my family as we pray for those who suffer.

I discovered two bonuses from stopping at the porridge table. One was that N. who served me said she reads my blog (Hello, N.!) And the other is that one of the recipients of the money raised in this project is an orphanage run by The Salvation Army.

So well done to The High School for an excellent initiative. Although not all of you may realize, I believe that in highlighting the need for justice and promoting compassion you connected yourself with the mission of God.


N said...

Hey, thanks for the mention! The Matilda stall and the fair in general did really well this year, thanks for your contribution.

Cosmo said...

Thanks, n. Glad you left a comment.

Do you think you'll start your own blog?

N. said...

It's on my friend and I's list of things to do, so maybe! I'll let you know if I ever get round to it.

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