Tuesday 25 December 2007


Happy Christmas Everyone!

It is with great joy that today I celebrate not just the reminder that God is here, but also the fact that this is my 100th blog post. Now I know in the great scheme of all things blog that isn't really much of an achievement, but it is a milestone for me nontheless!

Here's how it all started:

Views from a Coffeehouse

And just to give you a little taste of what you might have missed, here are 5% of the postings that have various levels of meaning to me:

Seeing a Bigger Picture

Postmodern Vampirism

Cafe 101

Keep Left

Wanting to be Celtic

Please also check out the blogs of friends who stop by for coffee in the links over on the right.

"God saw all that he had made [including the coffee bean] and it was very good."
Genesis 1:31


Nancy Mon said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

Congrats on the 100th.

Dana said...

Merry Christmas Cosmo!

Congratulations on the 100th post...I am almost there myself...

Look forward to many more posts!

Ali said...

Merry Christmas :-) I love your blog - keep 'em coming in the New Year

Howard said...

Happy Christmas to you to :-)
Keep up the postings - they make a good read (although I never did find a red starbucks mug - all white in my local branch!)

Wallace said...

Nollaig Shona and congrats on hitting the 100 mark!

jsi said...

Merry Christmas
100 is a benchmark - great job!

Cosmo said...

Thanks everyone!

Hope your Christmas has been as good as mine!

Ali said...

We were in one of the now many Starbucks in Belfast today, and, because of the location, took opportunity to raise our mugs in an early 'New Year' toast to you and your family.

BTW, in an earlier post you were lamenting the cost of a tall latte at 3 euro, or £2.12 approx. Never mind 'rip-off Ireland', a tall latte in Belfast today was £2.70

Cosmo said...


Thank you for the toast - likewise, a happy and healthy 2008 to you.

£2.70 for a tall latte?!!!

Wow! The next time I'm headed north I'll make sure to fill up not just on cheaper fuel, but "cheaper" coffee too!

Nancy Mon said...

Happy New Year!

God's blessings to you and your family.

I look forward to the next year of reading your posts. Very thought provoking.

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