Thursday 31 January 2008

Conference Coffee

Just back from the conference in London I wrote about the other day: all about 'Incarnational' mission. It was good stuff. It challenged my thinking, gave me some answers and, as I suspected, left some questions unresolved. But that's ok becauase it means that the conference carries on in my head!

A few things stood out for me.

First, things haven't changed regarding the coffee machines since I was there last. Fortunately there was a coffee stand in the train station across the road and a Starbucks just down the hill. It soon became obvious that I wasn't the only one desperate for a decent cup of coffee. (Caffine - the drug of choice for Christians, right?)

One of the best things was that my sister was presenting a paper. It was excellent. It was based around the ministry that her and her husband have created in the multi-cultural/multi-faith society in the eastend of London. You can find out more about them here.

I was also good to catch up with people I know and meet new friends from around the world trying to work out what it means to be a church in the city today. If you get a chance, check out one Salvation Army area of ministry in one of the toughest neighbourhoods in Toronto.

It was a great couple of days talking, laughing, staying up late, agreeing, disagreeing, worshipping and learning.

(Big thanks to my wife who stayed at home with the kids. J, you're great!)


jsi said...

Can there really be anything that is called coffee come from a machine? Hot water, coffee grounds and a small amount of brewing time...that is all that is needed for a delightful cup of coffee. When I hear you say coffee machines, what comes to my mind is a vending machine which rattle, sputs and whirls and out comes a liquid which may be hot but coffee it is not.
Gald to hear that your conference reached in and grabbed your heart and your thoughts.

Cosmo said...


You're right in what comes to mind. I did mean the rattling, spurting, whirling kind of vending machine - that produces instant coffee! I guess you get what you pay for and I should be grateful for what I got.

Ali said...

You have been tagged! You will have to check out my blog for details of what exactly that involves ...

Anonymous said...

I am interested to hear more about "'Incarnational' mission". are you going to share more about that?


Cosmo said...


Thanks for the tag!!! I just came up to my computer to do some essay writing, but you've sucked me into this instead.

Anon (W),

Yes, I'll try and jot some thoughts down soon... (but first the above tag!)