Friday 4 January 2008

Not much effort, really

Happy New Year to you all!

I'm not really one for new year's resolutions. I mean, really, what's the point? It only seems to lead to failure and a sense of guilt. I once thought (as a kind of anti-resolution) that I would endeavour to start smoking. My plan was to begin with the patches and work my way up to 40 cigs a day, plus the occasional cigar. And a pipe. Needless to say that due to a lack of real (or sensible) motivation, plus my inauguration into the 'No Smoking Club' at age seven I have yet to even taste a stick of nicotine gum.


One resolution we can all make, regardless of the time of year, is furthering our efforts to just generally be nice to people. May I make a practical suggestion?

This evening, in order to somehow prepare me for grocery shopping, I stopped for a coffee. It still being the Christmas season, I opted for a large latte. My eyes were naturally drawn towards the comfy seats - swiftly followed by my legs - only to find half a dozen empty cups on the table and a couple of smoothies next to the chair.

In fairness it wasn't all that long before a staff member cleared the mess, but it caused me to resolve that I would clear my mess up as best I can when leaving a coffee shop thereby making life a little easier for the staff and a little more comfortable for the next customer.

Perhaps you will be inspired to similar acts of niceness in the weeks and months ahead!


jsi said...

It is always kind and considerate to leave a place or room better than when you found it. It is kind and considerate to clean up our own messes. It is kind to help someone else clean their own mess.
What an anti-resolution - ugh! 40 cigs a day, can you imagine?!.

Dana said...

Oh but the pipe would have been so scholarly looking...

We always pick up our mess, wherever we are. I do not like the attitude of 'leave it for them, it's their job.'
Phil. 2:3?

Cosmo said...


You're right. On both accounts.

I keep trying to persuade my wife about a pipe, but she's having none of it!

David said...

This is a very good resolution. I like it. I have gone to places and found dirty tables making it difficult to enjoy the experience. I think we should all try to clean up.

About the anti-resolution, I like that idea too. I could do the smoking resolution, but I already broke it, I don't smoke. But isn't it kind of disingenuous to be making a resolution that I have no intention of doing? I shall stick with resolutions to be good.

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