Thursday 5 March 2009

Suggestion Box

The local coffeehouse that I most often go to has been under new management for a while - although there haven't been huge changes that I can tell. (Except they now sell homemade brownies instead of from some company, but manage to charge more!)

But on the way out this evening I noticed that they had a customer suggestion box on the counter. Suggestion boxes are a little odd I think. Slightly cruel. They seem to invite negative comments that are probably directed at people who probably never suggested having a suggestion box in the first place.

So I am facing a dilemma. Because, as it happens, this evening I did think to myself, there was way too much foam on my latte. Probably more that you should put on a cappuccino. I also noticed on the way out that the steam arm on the coffee machine wasn't getting cleaned right after it was used. Plus, (oh boy, I'm on a roll now) I think it would be worth their while grinding coffeebeans just before they are used - but that's starting to get technical and I'm not sure it is the kind of suggestion that they want. (But they do have the equipment to do it!)

The other dilemma is the placement of the box. You know full well that once you've paid for your coffee, dropped a note in the box and left that they will get it out straight away. There's no sense of anonymity.

Of course there's the question of would it make any difference anyway!?

Do you ever put notes in a suggestions box? Was it followed up?


Snot Head said...

The only time I really ever wanted to use a suggestion box was when I had a terrible, awful boss in highschool. I had it all written up, and then I chickened out because I just knew she would recognize my writing. I agree with you, though. If they are staring at you while you are dropping it in the box, you can only hope they won't yank it out and throw it away. Honestly, I think the best way to actually make a suggestion is to talk to a manager or supervisor and just give them your suggestions. Then you only risk looking like an ass or having them talk about you behind your back. So really, what have you got to lose? :) Helpful, right?

Anyway, I do have a lot on my plate right now. Oddly enough, even in the midst of my crazy meltdown, I felt a hint of excitement that my fiance and I had another experience to chalk up. We have been through a lot already going through my mom dying suddenly. She died in September 2007. At times I can't believe it has been a year and a half, and yet at others, like today, I feel shocked that it has been only a year and a half.

I know you said you had dipped into my blog a bit, and if you happened to see my previous blog about home made lattes, that is actually what led me to your blog. I was bored, and sometimes I get curious about other bloggers, so I typed in "home made latte blogspot" into Google. I found a few blogs, but yours was most enjoyable. I liked the way you wrote, so I hope you are not weirded out. I thought I would follow along. I really enjoy meeting new people through my blog. It was also ironic that you are in Ireland because that is where my fiance and I are trying to plan our budget honeymoon. My great grandmother was born there and immigrated here. Oddly enough, you are the fourth person I have been randomly connected to that is either from Ireland or visits regularly.

I hope you can find some enjoyment in my blog also. By the way, I went to the gym with my older sister and a friend tonight, and that always provides me with more than a few laughable moments. Craziness is just genetic for me, but I seem to be adjusting well. ;)

Cosmo said...

Hi Snot Head,

Thanks for visiting. I did notice your post about homemade lattes. I tried the search myself and 'homemade latte blogspot' brought me up as number 2!! How cool is that? (Okay everyone, who hasn't googled a subject that they have blogged about in the hope that they show up somewhere in the first five pages of results? I once made it to number 1 with 'Dalkey Starbucks', but I don't want to brag.)

Anyway...I'll keep visiting your blog to see how your trip to Ireland is progressing.

David said...

Hi Cosmo. I say go ahead and make the comments. Even the comment about wanting to remain anonymous. Just do it. I think it would be worthwhile and they might appreciate it. Some of those suggestions were good points.

And yes, I have googled my topics. YOu know that tracker I have on my blog? I see that some people actually visit after checking and finding me on google. Wow. I am actually providing a service. that in itself is amazing.

Now, go ahead, make those comments/suggestions. We love suggestions.


David said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pluto said...

Go ahead and put your comments in the box. Nobody may read them but you'll feel better!

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