Saturday 28 February 2009

Confirming my suspicions

In my ongoing pursuit to visit every Starbucks in Ireland I managed to cross another off my list today. (A fourth one in Blanchardstown shopping centre!) My wife can't really understand why I bother visiting them all as they are "all the same". But, for the most part, she goes along with it and allows me to indulge myself.

Granted, Starbucks, like any franchise, are all pretty much the same. However, what they offer is coffee served in a hugely diverse number of ways - thousands of combinations. I experienced one of those today. The man ahead of me was ordering a drink for his wife which was made up of six customised elements. I know it was six because he had to repeat it a few times to the lady taking the order - and because he was counting the elements out on his fingers! Here's what he ordered:

A grande latte - decaff, non-fat milk, wet (that means no foam), extra hot, caramel syrup, and whipped cream. (Umm, didn't that last element just cancel out the skinny milk? And anything resembling foam on the top?)

I simply ordered a regular latte which I think confirmed my suspicions of myself that I've had for some time - that I live a mostly boring life. Either that or the poor guys wife was anal. Or pregnant. Or both.

No, that can't be right about myself because I've been really enjoying my espresso machine recently and getting deeper into the world of coffee. In fact, I realised that today was the first time I had been to Starbucks since Christmas! The visit confirmed another suspicion that I've had for a few years. Now that I know how to make a half decent latte at home it's clear that Starbucks coffee is not that great. I don't want to say insipid because that sounds a bit cruel, but it certainly wasn't as strong or flavourful as I thought it was.

Perhaps it's just as well that I only have one more store to visit to complete my mission.


David said...

Women just don't get it. A guy has to have goals. Something to achieve, right?

But how is your coffee machine working. I am thinking of purchasing one. But I make about 8 cups in the morning to put in a thermos totake to the office.

Good luck on your quest. What are you going to do after you achieve it? Remember, a guy has to have goals. Take care.


Cosmo said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Dave. I'm not sure what the next project will be. I had thought about visiting and Irish chain of cafes, but I think I would wind up feeling the same way by the end. But you're right, a guy has got to have goals? (Any suggestions?)

The new coffee machine is great! The poor old filter machine isn't getting much of a look in these days. I did lots of research before making my decision - check out Whole Latte Love.

Judith said...

It's the same with Tea - nothing beats that 1st home brew cuppa in the morning. :)