Tuesday 28 April 2009

Bob Dylan and my brother-in-law

If you're a fan of music that speaks to the deeper aspects in life you might like to head over to my brother-in-law's blog, Songs for the Journey.

Nick hasn't been blogging for a while, but the arrival of Bob Dylan's new record seems to have brought about the inspiration needed to get writing again.

For me, Songs for the Journey would go well with a nice flat white - good quality with no froth.


Snot Head said...

His blog, though as you said, less frequented by the actual writer, is fantastic. Growing up, my mom loved all the "old" stuff, as I so loving referred to it. I was so naive, and I never had any interest in any of the classics. Now, I love to stumble upon someone who actually knows a little something about a musical soul. I do believe I will be following his blog regularly now in hopes of gaining some music savviness...That may not even be a word. Nonetheless, I will enjoy. Thanks!

Cosmo said...

My 1983 Webster's dictionary doesn't include the word savviness, however dictionary.com does! Savviness How ironic that a word about knowledge is not in my dictionary!

Nick Coke said...

Thanks for the kind comments people! I fancy a little break might just have been what I needed. Look forward to welcoming you from time to time over on Songs for the Journey.

Snot Head said...

I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I chose the Claddagh for the story behind it. I meant to put a link to the story in my blog, but there are so many websites with different stories that I thought it might get confusing. I don't think I even mentioned the word Claddagh, though. I might have some editing to do. :) So far, the symbols this ring represents are ringing (haha, no pun intended) true. (*P.S. I know that was lame. haha) I am excited to be marrying my friend and rock. Thanks again!

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