Tuesday 12 May 2009

Not everything lucky is good for you

I sat at a table by the window this evening so I could occasionally watch the world go past my latte. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a cyclist seemingly toss a packet of cigarettes on to the roadside. I found this quite annoying and couldn't understand why he didn't just find a bin to throw them away.

A few minutes later a man came walking down the street, saw the packet and gave it a good kick a little further down the road. Now I was getting cross! How could someone take an interest in a piece of rubbish only up to the point of kicking it, but not disposing of it?

Soon enough another cyclist came across the packet, but this time he stopped and picked it up. Hooray! Someone with a social conscience for the well-being of our planet. Then this cyclist flipped open the lid, looked inside and smiled. He pulled out a cigarette, popped it in his mouth and cycled off.

I wondered, who was the victim of a negative outcome in that interchange?


Phiasmir said...

The ciggarette box, obviously! Discarded by your former owner, then kicked by a stranger, than abducted and put in the mouth of some cyclist kidnapper! I'll bet he lit him on fire too, poor guy.

Snot Head said...

Loving the previous comment. Hilarious! I am not so much glad to know the US is not the only victim to wasteful people tossing out their garbage for all the other living creatures to trudge through, but I am respectful (still don't think that is the correct term I am looking for) of the fact that it is not just Americans who are slobs...unless of course the cyclists and the kicker were American...Dang! I thought there might actually be some hope.

What I really don't understand is why cyclists are smoking. How does that allow for optimum cycling? Maybe that is what the first guy realized...He still should have thrown them away. What if some 12-year-old had stumbled upon them?

Cosmo said...

Phiasmir - nice twist. I appreciate the humour.

S.H. - Now you've got me wondering how old the cyclist might have been.

By the way, please forgive me for being nosey, but I'm a little intrigued by your profile photo (and I'm sure I'm not alone). Umm, is that a tat across your back, or your shoulder...or somewhere else??

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