Thursday 21 May 2009

Bald Barista wins best espresso again!

I managed to get down to the Bald Barista again this evening - I've been a few times since I originally blogged about it. When I got there the man himself was particularly upbeat, and for good reason. The cafe has just today been voted as serving Dublin's best espresso according to The Dubliner magazine. The cafe won the same accolade last year from the Irish Times. However, this time the survey was done by a secret espresso drinker (can I have that job next year???) who discovered that attention to detail and quality is presented in every cup.

I have to say that the blend used does produce a flavour that I haven't yet experienced elsewhere in Dublin and after a few visits now it is growing on me more and more. Tonight's shot actually seemed that little bit extra special.

The article will appear in the special summer issue of The Dubliner - so I'd like to think that I might be blogging an exclusive breaking news story!

Anyway, congratulations to the Bald Barista. If readers are ever in the south inner city area of Dublin go check out the cafe on Aungier Street. It's about a five minute walk from St Stephen's Green.


Snot Head said...

I love to read your blog, but at times like this, I become very jealous! I am so intrigued by the blogs you have written about this espresso. The only problem is that...Hey!...I don't live anywhere near Dublin. I can't just say, "Ohh...You know what I'd like to do this weekend, dear fiance? I would like to gather up my favorite knitting needles, yarn, and my notebook, and waste the day away, people-watching at the Bald Barista."

Drat!! I wouldn't say I am bitter...I guess I am still holding out for the "someday." ;o)

Cosmo said...

I'm sure you will make it to Dublin one day.

Are there no good cafes in your part of the world? If there is, why not start up a knitting club like they have here?

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