Monday 15 June 2009

McCafé vs Starbucks

There is a war going on, particularly in North America, and it is over coffee. (Actually there are probably several real conflicts going on in the world over coffee - but that's for another day.)

It would seem that Goliath is taking on Goliath for the title of most popular (ie. most sales) of espresso based drinks. Business analysts seem to suggest that the Hamburgler is stealing market share from the mermaid, but there is rarely mention of taste. So the good folks at Coffee Review decided to simply test a few drinks from both establishments - McDonald's McCafé and Starbucks.

Four drink types were tested: Cappuccino; Latte; Mocha; Caramel Latte.

You can read the full article here. Or if you can't be bothered I'll tell you the results.

When it came to price McCafé was always cheaper. But it would seem that you get what you pay for and Starbucks had the edge for quality. That said, the regular latte was rated as pretty much equal.

The research didn't take into account that compared to the "speciality coffee" sector neither of these companies produce excellent coffee. It was simply a test between brands.

You might like to have a go at this research yourself!

For what it's worth though, I'd take a Whopper with cheese over a Big Mac any day.


Nicoley said...

McCafe tastes like dishwater imo. Except for the frappes, they give Starbucks a run for their money!

Phiasmir said...

hmmm, perhaps they could rate the cofees individually, and then multiply the score by an inverse ratio to take into account price differences! /math

Snot Head said...

Just in my opinion, being from North America and all, I would choose Starbucks for a few reasons. Their flavor quality is much higher than McDonald's. Their customer service, as I have experienced, is much more customer oriented. When I don't know what exactly I'd like, I can spout off that I would like something sweet, nonfat, and cold, and they can come up with something like the Grande Iced Skinny Cinnamon Dulce right off the top of their heads without making you feel like a jerk for coming up to the counter and not knowing what you wanted.

Also, I would choose the Starbucks atmosphere over the fast food restaurant any day. I don't go to Starbucks so I can get a burger and hear kids screaming about what toys they want. McDonalds is convenient, seeing as how I don't have a Starbucks where I live, but I do have a local coffee shop, which you may be able to find if you Google Percfection Coffee House. It, too is far better than McDonald's.

Marcia said...

whatever the taste, the fact that you'd have to be at mcdonalds to drink one if them completely throws them out of the running.

Cosmo said...

Thanks for your comments everyone.

Frappes - that's iced coffee, right? I've never had iced coffee. Anywhere. Ever. (Does that make me a coffee snob?)

What on earth are you talking about?

Snot Head,
I checked out your local coffeehouse (in IL, right? For some reason I thought you were in TX???) I wish I could stop by tomorrow because the lunch special is corn chowder - yum.

Hi and welcome! Would you consider drive thru? Although coffee from a McD drive thru is lot less fun since they wised up to the law suits regarding spilling scolding hot coffee on yourself and making a fortune.

Maude Fortman said...

Check the calories in McCafe really high vs Starbucks beats McCafe by a mile. More oz's less calories better coffee than Mccage

Cosmo said...

Thanks Maude. I guess they didn't take calorie count into the equation, just taste. (Some may argue full-fat milk makes for a creamier, tastier coffee.)

Now that more than a year has passed since my original post I might as well throw in another opinion. Both establishments now serve 'flat white' coffee. IMHO the Starbucks offering was awful (!), but McCafe was actually fairly pleasant. That said, the maple and pecan danish pastry I had with it might of helped. Oh-o, there go the calories! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I prefer Mccafe's prices. If only starbucks charged like them, they'd have a gamillion more customers.

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