Wednesday 14 October 2009

Welcome to the 21st Century, Cosmo

I've never had my own laptop before...until today.

Now I'm sitting in a cafe, writing my blog, using wifi! I feel so free!!!!

I might even go out this week and get one of those telephone things with no wires coming out the end. Can you imagine? Phones without wires!

Oh, man. I'm more behind the times than Great Uncle Bulgaria.


Snot Head said...

I'm just curious...not for any real reason...but how old are you? haha No cell phone? lol I mean I understand the laptop because they are expensive, but no cell phone? haha Ok, I'm done laughing at your expense, and you are so so right about feeling free with a laptop. Its all I own computer-wise.

I really don't know how I missed these last two blogs! I looked through to make sure there weren't any new blogs, and I completely missed them.

Cosmo said...

Sorry S.H., I was being a bit facetious. I do have a mobile (cell) phone. It's just my one has been in need of replacement for a while. The back light broke months ago which has made it really difficult to use.

How old am I? Young enough to really appreciate that phones can do some cool things, but old enough to really not care that I don't have one of those phones.