Saturday 3 October 2009

Tir na nÓg Caife - St Anne's Park

I once came across a shocking statistic that there are more golf courses in greater Dublin then there are children's playgrounds! If I may take that further, I have come to discover over the last few years that there are no playgrounds that I know of that are located next to a cafe!!! I'm not sure why this is as I am sure they would do a cracking trade in take-away coffee. At the very least, as someone suggested to me last week, one of those travelling coffee wagons could do worse than to hang out around playground gates - especially as autumn draws in. (Coffee Angel, if you are listening, there is a market to be exploited).

Today, despite forecasts of possible rain, we ventured across to the other side of the city to collect conkers and go bike riding in St Anne's Park, Clontarf. Oh what a picturesque family scene, you're thinking. Yes it was......but we did get wet. I don't like being wet.

Anyway, there are two other features I like about the park. One is the Saturday farmers market at the Red Stables and the other is the playground which, although not right next to each other aren't too far apart. Within the market is the usual mix of organic fruit and veg, bread and baked goods, olives, flowers, crepe van, wool stall, cheeses, and a coffee stall. But I didn't get coffee from there.

Also located in the Red Stables is a cafe which is open everyday and recently under new management. It is Tir na nÓg Caife. But I didn't go there for coffee either. And here's why:

While having fun with the kids in the playground my mind wandered to the thought of enjoying the slab of M&M cookie bar that my wife had made and packed in her bag. Naturally it would be best enjoyed with a coffee so I began thinking of reasons why I should be the one to leave the three kids in the playground to fetch a couple of lattes. And then something wonderful happened...

Coming from out of the mists, somewhere from way beyond the west, two youthful figures strode into the chaos of the grounds, smartly dressed and donning green aprons. Did her name badge say Niamh? And I felt sure he was refered to as Oisin, but my caffeine withdrawal may have been playing tricks with my mind. Regardless, they came with wonderful greetings from Tir na nÓg and asked if I'd like to order anything from their menu. Within minutes they returned with two very good lattes.....and then they were gone.


By the way, the Tir na nÓg is the mythical celtic Land of Eternal Youth. Find out a bit more about it here.


Snot Head said...

So I'm a little confused. Did this actually happen...??? haha It sounds an awful lot like fantasy, and if I do admit, I would be stunned to find out it were true, but I'm really hoping it is true. Otherwise, I want to find out what exactly you had in mind by way of excuses for running off to grab the lattes. Sometimes your though processes just crack me up!

Cosmo said...

Yes, it really did happen. OK, the bit about the mist and their names coming from the legend was just added for dramatic effect, but some clever manager had the good marketing sense to send staff out to find orders.

girl_who_work_there said...

Hi, i am one of the girls who was often asked to go to playground taking coffe order. To be honest, we only do that when our cafe is quiet. the reason is that we don't have customer coming and our cafe get less money. btw, our working hour is cut with quiet business. if it is sunny day, u wont see any people serving coffee in playground.

Cosmo said...

Thanks, g_w_w_t. Nice for you to stop by - I always like it whe people from places I happen to have coffee also happen to stumble across my blog!

I guessed it was only when things were quiet...but I'm glad you came to the rescue anyway! It was good business practice - go where the people are.

I hope things get a little bit busier for you. Maybe I'll see you around again someday!

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