Thursday 19 November 2009

Coffee Diagrams

A while ago someone asked me if I would explain what the differences are between the various styles of coffee. So, going on the premise that a picture is worth a thousand words I shan't bore you with intricate details......even though I might find it interesting. Instead, here's a great picture I came across:

(Designed by Lokesh Dhakar)


Snot Head said...

I am having serious trouble finding any coffee shops/cafe's that understand the science of making a cappuccino or latte. So far, everywhere I have been in my area I have been told that they are the same but a cappuccino has more foam, and apparently, no one owns an espresso machine that doesn't make the foam gross and bubbly. It makes me sad to think I may never taste a cappuccino the way it is truly supposed to be made.

Thanks for the chart!! :)

Cosmo said...

Ohhh the pesimism!!! I'm sure there's a decent capp waiting for you out there somewhere....You really shoud get to Intellegentsia in Chicago! (Then stand at the counter and watch how they work.)

A creamy foam is possible on pretty much any machine. It just takes a bit of time to slow down for a second and think about what you're doing. YouTube has loads of videos if you just search for "steaming milk".

BTW, a clearer verson of the chart can be downloaded from the link below the picture.

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