Sunday 22 November 2009

Costa Coffee in Ireland???

Wandering around Dublin city centre on a cold, wet, windy Saturday morning is not really my idea of fun. Especially when accompanied with three under-5 children, one of whom had had a high temperature the night before. Still, a bit of fresh air and exercise never killed anyone. Probably.

However, my morning was brightened up when I noticed a Costa Coffee store on a busy corner of Dawson Street just up the road from my favourite toy shop - all 50 sq. meters of it (if that) packed form floor to ceiling with classy toys! So while the kids were peering in through the toy shop window I headed into Costa for some coffee and the low-down on their arrival in Dublin.

Costa Coffee have been brewing up a pretty decent cup in the UK for years, and as a chain store over there would have been the biggest rivals to Starbucks - with probably a couple of hundred more outlets than the mermaid. What I have always liked about Costa is their support of Fairtrade long before it started becoming trendy and certainly long before their biggest rival did. That and they do a nice selection of pastries.

I return from my recon trip with a vanilla latte for my wife and a regular latte for me, plus a chocolate mini yule log. (I can't believe I bought something so Christmasy already...but I guess we were in the process of helping out Santa).

"Get this," said I to herself. "Costa have been in Ireland for ages and I never knew it! And they have 27 caf├ęs across the country!!"

"Let me stop you right there," says she, nipping in the bud any thoughts of an another pilgrimage....


Nicoley said...

Yeahh! When I was in Edinburgh I had breakfast there every morning. They did a really good breakfast tea and the best raspberry and white chocolate muffins ever. I found the Dawson St branch last month, but was slightly disappointed that they didn't have the same muffins :(

Either way, they're nicer than Starbucks & Insomnia in my opinion.

Cosmo said...

Nicoley, I feel a campaign coming on and an alternative voice of protest during strikes tomorrow:

Raspbery and white chocolate muffins!
As soon as possible! Or at least after those nice Christmas chocolate cakes have stopped being sold!!!

Snot Head said...

ha! Sounds like a nice protest chant. I have never heard of Costa Coffee, so apparently I am missing out yet again. I have come to believe I live in the wrong part of the world. I am also wishing I could appease the little kid in me. Reading the description of the toy store has my inner child jumping around like crazy! Have you seen "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium"? I bet the whole family would like it if you haven't. Its a movie about a sort of magical toy store and its sort of magical owner. ;o)

Cosmo said...

I had forgotten about that film. I'm sure my kids would love that now.

The toy shop here is great. The antithesis of places like Toys R Us.

Phiasmir said...

Me and Nicoley went to costa coffee recently, it was way better than starbucks!

I ordered a hot chocolate and they gave me it to me in this fancy, long, curvy glass, on a chipped saucer. I barely even noticed, and the guy went like, "oh, I'm sorry, I'll get you a new saucer!" I said quietly to one of the attendants: "Hehe, classy service!" and he responded: "Ah yeah, you know it!"

I was well chuffed, talk about your first impressions! :D

Cosmo said...

Ahh, hot chocolate. The other bean. Glad you enjoyed it. said...

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