Monday 22 March 2010

Coffee keeps me up at night

I've never had a problem with coffee keeping me awake at night. I guess I'm not one of those people who, like my wife, blame the cup of coffee they had at 2pm on the fact that they are so restless going to bed. No doubt that over the years I've probably built up some level of caffeine tolerance.

However, I have found that over the last few months coffee has been causing me to go to bed far too late - virtual coffee that is. I've really enjoyed discovering some great websites that are highlights in the world of coffee. One such site is the English coffee roaster Has Bean.

I've been receiving a few bags of coffee from Has Bean recently which are always a pleasure to get and an education to drink. (They'll ship to anywhere in the world). But one of the best features of the site is owner Steve Leighton's vlog, In My Mug. In it he describes a different coffee each week which is available to buy. The enthusiasm that Steve puts into his coffee is immense and very entertaining. So here's a taster of one of his vlogs as he describes a speciality coffee from Kenya....which I have just ordered.

By sheer coincidence I'm sure, you may have noticed the competition at the end of this video...I'll let you know if I win!

If you've never ordered freshly roasted coffee before then why not give Has Bean a try. It will take your coffee experience to a new level and may even sway the competition result ;-)

By the way, if you are "one of those people" Has Bean also roasts decaf. I just don't like to talk about that sort of thing very much.


Has Bean steve said...

amazing thank you so much for the link

Cosmo said...

Nice one, Steve. Thanks for dropping by!

jsi said...

Yep, I've been "one of those people" for nearly 18 years. Coffee could never keep me awake (not the caffeine)it always been the extra thoughts in my mind. I believe I truly need the J.K. Rowling invention of a PenSieve to hold and organize my extra thoughts. I would have more full nights of sleep that way!

Has Bean sounds amazing. Glad you found a roaster who will satisfy this hanckering.

Cosmo said...

Jessie, Has Bean is great. I think you'd like it. So...

A bag of decaff from Has Bean is winging its way to you. (Hopefully - I've sent it to the corps building.)

If you're interested in details about the coffee (and the decaffination process) check out this video review.


Wallace said...

hey man. Did I just see you on the RTE1 palm Sunday service? lol

Cosmo said...

:-) Yeah, you did. And not a drop of coffee in the green room!

Snot Head said...

My Kenya isn't from them, but I can assure you it is wonderful! Before reading Ken Davids' book you suggested before, I had never heard of coffee being described like wine. I never knew coffee could have a dry wine flavor. I never coffee could taste earthan, and I definitely did not know why! lol I am so glad I found your blog all those days ago. I never would have become the coffee lover I now am. Can't wait to check out Has Bean. :)

Snot Head said...

Nice site. There are two coffees that I would love to buy, but it would take about a month for them to get to me. Its alright, though. I do believe I will survive. lol I signed up for a 10 day e-mail course about coffee, though, so the whole trip to the site ended up being very beneficial! lol Thanks!

Cosmo said...

Snot Head, I'm sure an order from Has Bean would get to you quicker than that!

So...I've ordered you a bag of one of my favourites. The Bolivia Machacamarca. Here's a video review.

Let me know when it arrives. And what you think!

Snot Head said...

Are you absolutely insane! I just got this package in the mail. I knew I hadn't ordered anything, and as soon as I saw the Royal Mail logo on there and felt the texture inside the envelope, I knew I had to come back to your blog and look to see if you had left me a comment I wasn't aware of. You are wonderful!

God must have known I would need the pick me up. This week has kind of sucked, excuse my language. My husband got a night shift job, so we've been spending lots and lots of time apart after getting used to about nine months of spending nearly every day together. Then, just the other day, my dad called me crying to tell me one of his older brothers had died unexpectedly. We have to pack up and head out of state to the funeral spur of the moment this weekend, and it was going to be the first weekend in a few weeks that I would have actually gotten to spend with my husband. Plus, hearing my dad cry just absolutely broke my heart.

I cannot describe how much you just lifted my spirits with your kind gesture, and even though it is 8:35 pm my time, I am going to brew a pot of coffee because I can't stand not knowing how it tastes. Seriously, you have made me so happy! And, to top it off, it says it was shipped on April 1st, and it took until April 9th to get here! That is so much better than the website's 28 day warning! Now I know I can order from them later.

Bliss! Thank you so much for this blessing. :)

Cosmo said...

You're welcome. I'm glad it brought some small relief to you this week. Hope the coffee helps!