Wednesday 17 March 2010

Like Coffee for Ale

Ah, St Patrick's Day. That one day in the year when you can put aside any commemoration of how one man of God challenged and changed the history of an island and, instead, put on a green, sparkly cowboy hat and get drunk. (I'm such a cynic.)

I've lived an alcohol free life now for over 15 years. I consider it my personal holy vow that I made with God. And here I am now, living in the home of the "black stuff" - Guinness, but growing in my appreciation for the other black stuff - coffee. However, if I was to take a drink it would most probably be ale with it's variations in tastes and styles to take you on a never ending journey of discovery. So I smiled when I came across this ancient poem that combines one man's religion with his love of ale.

I Should Like to Have a Great Ale-Feast

I should like to have a great ale-feast for the King of Kings; I should like the Heavenly Host to be drinking it for all eternity.

I should like to have the fruits of Faith, of pure devotion; I should like to have the seats of Repentance in my house.

I should like to have the men of Heaven in my own dwelling; I should like the tubs of Long-Suffering to be at their service.

I should like to have the vessels of Charity to dispense; I should like to have the pitchers of Mercy for their company.

I should like there to be Hospitality for their sake; I should like Jesus to be here always.

I should like to have the Three Marys of glorious renown; I should like to have the Heavenly Host from every side.

I should like to be rent-payer to the Lord; he to whom He gives a good blessing has done well in suffering distress.

Irish; author unknown; tenth-eleventh century.

Go mbeannaí Dia duit.


Scott Peter said...

One of my life ambitions was to drink a pint of Guiness in Ireland. They take upto half an hour to pour a pint here, unlike the 30 secs in most bars in England! Now I find myself living in Ireland on St Patricks day having like yourself "taking the Pledge". Just glad God is no mans Debtor! Love the blessing

Cosmo said...


Thanks for the comment. It's always nice to hear from someone I don't know.

Hope you had a good day!

Cosmo said...

Errr, Scott, I think I just figured out who you are! (It was the Peter that threw me.) Sorry about that. I guess I do know you!

Snot Head said...

I love how you started this post. I do actually enjoy a Guiness every now and again, extra stout, but I find it completely ridiculous that so many people my age find St. Patrick's Day and excuse to get completely hammered. There is a "holiday" created by someone in the nineties at the college town near me, and they call it, "Unnofficial St. Patti's Day." On this day, thousands upon thousands of students and non-students alike gather in college town and drink for the entire day. Everyone wears green of course, and some bars and pubs even open at 7am!! What a great way to honor St. Patrick's Day, don't you think? It makes me feel more so like my heritage is being mocked, but the pub owners make a pretty penny off it.

Snot Head said...

P.S. I got Coffee by Kenneth Davids and love it, and just today, my order of my first ever, fresh from the roaster Kenya AA arrived, and it was delicious!! I am in love. I got it from a website that I particularly enjoy called Coffee Fool. :) You should check it out. I don't know if they ship internationally or if it would even be worth it for the amount of time it would take to get to you, but I really like them. They have a great sense of humor and huge love of coffee.

Cosmo said...

Hi SH, nice to hear from you again. I've really enjoyed reading Ken Davids book too. Great insight and help for getting into the world of coffee.

So you've started ordering coffee direct from a roaster. Store bought will never be the same again! If you liked the Kenya try an Ethiopian coffee sometime. A good quality one will give you flavours you never new could be in coffee - floral/citrus.

Looking forward to hearing what other coffees you wind up trying. Enjoy!

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