Wednesday 2 February 2011

An Unfinished Project

My guess is that blogs can be broken into three categories. Those that write prolifically about anything and everything, those that write half-a-dozen posts before giving up entirely, and then there's the rest of us. By that I mean those who stop-start-stop-apologize for not blogging in a while-start again and write profusely-stop-apologize again-start-then disappear for an undetermined period of time. I place myself firmly in this last category.

And yet I've never felt like I was done with blogging even though the general popularity of it has seemed to fade somewhat. (Please be assured that I am most certainly not done with coffee!) Unfortunately I allowed Views from a Coffeehouse to become another in a fairly extensive list of unfinished projects - along side sorting out photos, putting pictures up, getting in shape, editing home videos, memorizing poetry, cleaning out the den, and goodness knows how many books.

So here I am again almost five years to the day when I first started and I'm going to give it another go. I still want to tell you about the things I'm seeing/hearing/reading over coffee. I might do some coffee videos. I'd like to write up my personal history of coffee. Plus I never did actually fully write about when I visited every Starbucks in Ireland - though I'm not sure there's much point. Once you've been to one Starbucks.....

Speaking of the 'bucks, I have noticed that the stats which now are available for me show my post about McCafe vs Starbucks as the most visited page. If you google "mccafe vs starbucks" I come out as number 2 in the USA and UK and number 1 in Ireland! I'm just a little bit proud of that insignificant achievement.

Right, I've just used my new hand grinder (thanks mother-in-law) and brewed some beans from Machacamarca, Bolivia using my aeropress. Time to find out how to freshen up this whole blog a bit and get going again.

To Coffee!


David said...

Cosmo, I fit into that category too. You are not alone. I had lofty aspirations. I still do but I just don't have the motivation that I need.

I am lucky though. I noticed your previous post about my recent job loss. I guess I should update you that I have secured another position with a brilliant future. I also hope to start blogging again.

Keep up the coffee drinking. And keep up the sporadic blogging. I shall be a faithful (however, sporadic) reader.

Keep up the good work.

Cosmo said...

Dave, you're a great encouragement.

Great news about the job!

David said...

Hey Man, how are you? I finally blogged again after several months. Nothing earthshattering.

Hope things are well.


Wils said...

February???? Are you sure they were coffee beans???? Tell me you're still alive.........

David said...

Hello Cosmo,

How are things in Dublin? My wife and I are planning a trip there sometime during the spring of 2013 and I WILL be asking you for travel advice.

How is the coffee drinking? Haven't heard from you in a while. Take care.


Cosmo said...

Hi again Dave,

Great to hear from you! I hope you and your family are all well.

Life carries on as usual here - with a few more coffee "toys" at home which makes drinking coffee at cafes not so frequent as it used to be. (A shame, maybe).

Please do let me know about your visit to Ireland. It would be good to meet up!

I promise I'll try to blog...