Saturday 4 November 2006

Victoria Rains

While staying in London we decided to take a train into the city to look around. As it was raining we didn't get very far. In fact we intentionally decided to only go as far as Victoria station. Although not known for being a top tourist attraction it's actually quite a cool place to hang out. It's always so busy and has lots of shops, some of which we don't have in Dublin (such as Krispy Kreme!!! Mmm, doughnuts). It also has over 25 places across the station where you could get a coffee. (Yes, I did go around and count them.) Included in this total were three Starbucks outlets proving the claim that the Starbucks strategy is to flood an area with stores in order to force other coffee shops to close. But I guess there's room for everyone at Victoria.

There were also a couple of sushi bars, but I didn't check them for coffee. I didn't want to know. That would just be wrong.

I did, however, buy a souvenir coffee mug from K.K.