Monday 27 November 2006

Egg-Not Latte

A traditional American drink around this time of year is eggnog. It's kind of a strange drink. I think, like marmite, you either love it or hate it. While living in the States a few years ago I got into it. Eggnog is made from milk, cream, egg, nutmeg and probably some other stuff - some people add various spirits, however I live an alcohol free life. You can pick up eggnog from the milk section of the food store. Unfortunately I've not found it for sale in any grocery stores in the UK or Ireland, so I make sure I have some when visiting family stateside. In fact, I'm drinking half a glass now. (You don't really want to drink more that half or you're likely to hurl.)

I noticed a couple of weeks ago at a Starbucks in Dublin that they serve an Eggnog Latte. I don't think it's made from real eggnog, just a flavoured syrup. Anyway, I decided to wait to experience this taste in its true home.

Yesterday, after a lunch with my wife's brother and sister and their spouses [I think the plural of spouse should be spice], we walked through my wife's home town of Oxford, Ohio (another university town). Stopping off at Starbucks I waited for what was starting to feel like an unnecessary length of time to make a drink - an eggnog latte. Leaving the coffeeshop I took a sip. And then a second to confirm what my tastebuds where telling me:

It wasn't worth the wait.

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Kirsten Watters said...

Marcus... i came across your site through Howards and read this post. I love the Starbucks eggnog lattes. In fact i had one today in Belfast... i think it is an association thing as when i drink them i rememeber that it was what i drank in Canada last year a lot! Anyway... i think you should give it another go!