Thursday 9 November 2006

Soup of the Day

Some of the teens we work with are going to learn to knit this weekend. I won't be teaching them, but I do vaguely remember some rhyme about a bunny going around a tree or something that taught you how to knit?!? Wait...I think it's coming back to me...

In through the bunny hole and once round the tree,
Out through the bunny hole and off pops she

Wow, I'm not sure what part of my brain I retrieved that from. (I wonder if there's any other interesting stuff lurking around in there?)

Anyway, the students are learning to knit so they can make scarves to take to some homeless people in the city. So I tagged along with my wife to a department store to buy lots of wool. While there we stopped for a break at the intriguingly named Chocolate Soup Cafe.

On inspection of the menu I was pretty disappointed to only see vegetable, tomato, mushroom and, of course, potato and leek soup. No chocolate soup at all!

I ordered a regular latte and a scone.

It was while I was paying that I noticed the huge chocolate fountain. I think they pour the melted chocolate on fruit or pancakes, that kind of thing. I asked the girl working there if she was ever tempted to stick her finger in the lovely, running chocolatey goodness. (I was!) The girl replied that she can't stand chocolate - not even the smell. I didn't bother asking the obvious follow-up question.

This has got me thinking though. Maybe the men and women who receive the scarves would like some soup too. Perhaps we should do something about that.

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