Saturday 3 February 2007

Curry and Coffee

I've been on a conference in London this week as part of my continuing development in the early years of ministry. The seminars themselves (about leadership) have been quite good, but what is best about these days is seeing friends. It's always good tyo catch up with people and find out what is going on in their lives. It's just a shame that it seems to only happen once a year.

So it was a great idea when one of the friends suggested that, after the evening sessions had finished, a group of us should go out for a curry. For about three hours we enjoyed each others company a talked about all sorts of things - from memories of our ministry training together to working through theological issues which we face. I sensed it was the kind of evening that we all craved for, but rarely find.

As we ended the meal with coffee I took the oportunity to, once again, shamelessly promote my blog and promised to mention them.

J - You are so funny. You always make me laugh.
MS - Your depth of theological insights are always helpful.
K - You have great stories to tell about your family - a real family guy.
MT - It was interseting to hear your thoughts about baptism.
G - I bet coming home to your wife and family was a welome reunion.
C - I'm looking forward to hearing about your service in Uganda - much respect.

Thanks guys. It was great.


wendao2588 said...

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Anonymous said...

It was great to be with you mate, though I missed the theological curry. This blogspot has brought a smile to me and Helen tonight. I love the road sign and scraping your nose.... Keep going, you are a great guy, and as I told you - a natural leader, instinctive, polite, and able to read social contexts very quickly indeed. Good work, Oz.

Cosmo said...

Thanks, Oz. I was great to see you too. Hope we can catch up again soon. By the way, I just this minute looked at the photos on the disk. Some nice images there.

Thanks also to wendao2588...I know you're nothing but spam, but as it's nice to have comments of any kind I might just keep you around a little longer.

Anonymous said...

Marcus, Jonny Smith here. It was a great retreat and the curry was memorable! PLEASE NOTE - I THOUGHT YOU SAID MEDIUM LATTE - WHEN I ACCESSED THIS THE LANGUAGE WAS A BIT DIFFERENT AND NON-MARCUSISQUE! Great to have finally found what I have been missing. Blessings.

Cosmo said...


Thanks for stoping by for a REGULAR latte. (Thanks also for the heads-up about other latte sites...I think I'll do some searching now. It makes me wonder if others have looked for my blog elsewhere. Suddenly it's all becoming clear as to why I never get any coments...or maybe it's because I have no friends. Time for some more self-promotion I feel.)

Anyway, I hope it's not another twelve months before we catch up again.