Sunday 4 February 2007

Up in Smoke

For about three years now the smoking ban in Ireland has been very well received - at least by me. So when I'm in the UK you really notice the difference. While out on a rare date with my wife we wanted to go somewhere for coffee. Peering in to restaurants we noticed people lighting up so gave them a miss.

Originally I planned to pick up a coffee from the cafe in Borders in Bournemouth (current home of my parents who were now responsible for listening out for our children while they slept - the kids that is - as we went out for a short time), but 30 seconds after walking into the bookshop the announcement was made that the cafe was now closed. Thirty minutes later the whole store closed leaving us to look elsewhere for (smoke-free) coffee.

We opted for a romantic evening at Asda. I sure know how to treat a lady so I suggested that I pick up a latte and a cappucino from the McDonald's as we entered the superstore. We went our separate ways with coffee in hand - my wife to the cheap children's clothes and myself to music/movies section.

I bought the first Thrills album which I have been wanting for a while and also a 3 CD compilation album for 7 quid featuring "True Number 1's".

Getting back into the car and driving down the A338 (can you tell this date night is getting better and better?) we listened to sections of a few Number 1's: With a little help from my friends (Wet Wet Wet), Killer (Adamski), One day in your life (Michael Jackson), Pass the dutchie (Musical Youth), and so on.

And then the ideal track arrived which deserved to be listened to all the way through despite the road getting increasingly dark as we drove towards the New Forest: I think we're alone now (Tiffany) A song which was obviously meaningful to my wife and me from across both sides of the Atlantic. (I think I can hear you singing it now too...)

Whatever happened to Tiffany, anyway? I believe her career went up in smoke after just one album.

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