Monday 26 February 2007

Wright Stuff

I decided to follow one of my own links and visit the (unofficial) website of N.T.Wright as mentioned in a post below. (I'm not sure that there actually is an official site. I've also now added the site to the link on the sidebar.)

I've got a couple of books from Theologian/Historian/Bishop of Durham, N.T. Wright including one of his latest called, Simply Christian. So I was interested to see that a video is available to watch of a lecture he gave at Washington National Cathedral (Washington, DC) as part of his book tour for the above book.

The talk is just under an hour long so I made a pot of coffee and downloaded it. (The lecture I mean, not the coffee. I suppose I uploaded the coffee...only to download it later. OK, stop it!)

Anyway, I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to getting more from his site. You might enjoy it too. Here's the link:

Simply Christian Book Tour - N.T. Wright at WNC

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