Tuesday 17 July 2007

A Regretful Coffee

Quite some time ago I wrote about a lovely couple of hours at The Village Cafe with someone I came to know. I had been meaning to meet again with D. and each time we saw one another we reminded each other that we must get together again.

I got the news yesterday that D., who had been suffering with cancer since before I knew him, had died. Now that opportunity has passed.

This afternoon I attended D.'s funeral. I was pleased that there was a good turn out, but I came away unsatisfied with the experience. While the priest made an effort to include a very brief biographical outline, the speed with which the prayers and readings flew by betrayed the fact that this was a ceremony that had been performed countless times before, and the half-mumbled recitations of the congregation seemed to be spoken out of habit - a good luck charm? I just wish the priest had slowed down to give us time to reflect on the life of D. and the supernatural transition which was being presented in the homily. I would have liked to have heard the beautiful and poignant words of John 14:1-7 read with much more grace and drama - much like D. would have done should he have been reading it for someone else.

So, following the service I went back to The Village Cafe, ordered a coffee and sat, where we had sat previously, taking some time to think about D. and the conversations and encounters that we shared.

My wife asked me if I felt guilty that I never got around to meeting up with D. again. I don't feel guilty, but I do regret it. I mustn't let opportunities and important moments like this pass by me again.

God bless you, D. Grace and Peace to you.

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Anonymous said...

don't live in regret - but learn and live. John 10:10 - life was made for joy and learning. bless you.