Tuesday 1 April 2008

Overheard in Starbucks II

To prepare me for the weekly grocery shop this evening I stopped into a cafe for a few minutes with a magazine and a latte. At the table next to me was a father and daughter spending some valuable time together. He was drinking a particularly frothy cappuccino and she was using a stirring stick to steal some foam for herself.

I couldn't help hearing the dad asking the girl about the behaviour of some classmates.

"Does 'so-and-so' still push you?"

"What about 'such-and-such'"?

The daughter shook her head and continued with de-foaming dad's drink.

Naturally my mind went to my three and-a-half year old daughter who was tucked up in bed and chatting to herself (or the teddies) as I left the house. One day, I thought, I'll have to have conversations like this with her.

"Is there anyone who is pushing you now?", continued the father.

I looked across the table and the beautiful young thing glanced my way with a smile that would make the hardest of hearts feel warmth.

I guessed she was younger than my girl. It made me feel sad.


Ali said...

There is nothing more distressing than having this type of conversation with your child.

Unfortunately we've had to deal with similar situations with both kids; we'll more than likely have to do it again ... and again ...

Bullying, in whatever form it takes, is a terrible thing

Wallace said...

Wow... that is too sad.... but it is nice to know that the father cares and is trying to help.

On another note... I posted a coffee picture (or two) for you...

Cosmo said...


I'm sure that day is coming for us too :-(


Thanks for the pics. I like the sound of your local cafe.

Nick Coke said...

You're on a roll with your blog posts - can't keep up! I've had these conversations with our children, too. And it's sometimes good to check whether they're doing any of the pushing! Sad in some ways, but necessary experience for life nonetheless.