Thursday 3 April 2008

That's a new one to me

I've previously mentioned about how some girls around Dublin go out and about in their pyjamas at all hours of the day. (Ali let me know it wasn't confined to Dublin). Well tonight, on my way home from the coffeehouse I stoped in to McDonald's to get a chocolate shake for my wife and the girl in front of me was placing her order in her PJs. What surprised me though was that the guy she was with also seemed to be in a pyjama like state - complete with slippers!


Ali said...

Would you EVER?? I wouldn't be seen dead ...


Cosmo said...

Ali, I'm shocked!

There seems to be a slight cultural difference between North and South in that the only people I see out on the streets in pyjamas are teenagers.

Unfortunately, when I think of women out on the street with slippers on I can't help picturing Nora Batty. Now if that doesn't cause you to put a pair of shoes on I don't know what will!

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