Friday 16 May 2008

Another New Arrival

I just discovered today that a new Starbucks is arriving not too far from me, in Ranelagh. I am unnecessarily exited!

Since I last posted about Starbucks I've visited another one to cross off my list of all Starbucks' in Ireland that I've visited.

How and why Starbucks have such a hold on me (and possibly you?) I'm not so sure.

Check out the view from Dana's trip to Starbucks recently, if you get a chance.


Ali said...

Starbucks is taking over the world!

I guess you might be needing all the coffee you can get your hands on.

Nick Coke said...

New Starbucks arrived in Whitechapel of all places, a short walk from the Blind Beggar Pub! Apparently William Booth once claimed that he enjoyed 'his tea hot, like his religion'. I would suggest if he was back in Whitechapel today he might be seen enjoying a Dulce de leche frappuccino whilst preaching to the hoardes queuing up for their coffee outside Starbucks.

David said...

Interesting. We get the same controversary over here. I just think of all the jobs they create.

My wife and I stop there every once in a while when we are out for a walk. But I really can make the same coffee at home for less money. It is a nice treat though.

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