Tuesday 6 May 2008

A New Arrival!

Great News! Cafe Coombe now serve Starbucks coffee and our daughter was born today!

(Wait, I think I announced that the wrong way round...)


Wallace said...

Congrats (on both counts)!!!!

jsi said...

Congratulations - do you have a picture of your lovely little miss to show us? You are blessed deep and wide. It sounds like it may have been a long wait for both, eh?!.

How are momma and daughter?
How are you?

Jess Martinez said...


Ali said...

Great stuff! Hope everyone is doing well, waiting for the details .....

Cosmo said...

Thanks everyone!

For some photos and video check out our family blog:


Anonymous said...

Loved the video what a beautiful baby! Thank you for posting them, great Irish names too!

Ali said...

Ahhhhhh she's gorgeous :-)

but you sly old dog, having a whole other blog hidden from your blogfans!!

St said...

Enjoy many more coffees in her company.

Cosmo said...


Yes, I've let on to the secret double life I lead - my real life as well as my caffine induced life!


Thanks. I know that my double life will becoming the one caffine induced-real-life over the next few weeks.

Nancy Mon said...

Congrats! I am sure you will continue to enjoy both the newest addition to the family and the new addition to the coffee shop.

Dana said...

Cosmo! Congratulations!!

What is her name???

Cosmo said...

Thanks Nancy & Dana,

It's Caitlyn Aoife.

Nicole said...

Congrats!! :D Hope you're all doing well!

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