Saturday 28 June 2008

Rotana Cafe

I'm loving my new bike! It's great for short trips around the place without any fuss.

This afternoon I needed to drop a film off to be processed (yes, I'm the other guy who still uses a film camera from time to time). I decided to take my bike because I knew I'd be passing a new cafe in the area and trying to park the car would have been too much hassle.

So I stopped in to Rotana Cafe in the Portobello area of the city. It's a nice Lebanese/Palestinian cafe (Lebastinian??) serving delicious sounding foods from that part of the world. If you visit their website, don't be put off by the homepage photo. I guess they took it while they were getting ready to open for business - every business needs a web presence, right? (Don't also assume that the photos on this page are in Portobello - if only!)

I didn't have much time to stop so it was just a quick espresso and a pastry, sitting at a great window seat. The place has good service, nice look and, best of all, is open late in the evenings!

I'll definitely be back for a leisurely latte, a book and some baklava.


David said...

Hi Cosmo. Thanks for commenting on my disposable children poem. Yes, you can keep a copy. Just make sure my name is on it. Name recognition is important. Maybe I can be famous some day. HEy, I might even buy you a cup of coffee. That last line came to me as I thought about the story of those two boys. The rest of the story grew up around that. Thanks for reading.

I want to comment on that restaurant. I love fusion cuisine. It brings the world together. Lebanese/Palestinian cafe (Lebastinian??) Wow. I have had Afghani food, Morrocan Food, mediteranean food. This Lebanese/Palestinian cafe sounds intriguing. I shall try to find one in southern California.

Sounds (and looks) like you had a nice trip to the beach.

Keep in touch. Thanks Cosmo, my friend in blogging.

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