Wednesday 11 June 2008

Tagged by Ali

A few days ago (too many really), Ali tagged me. I haven't had a chance to do any blogging recently even though I've wanted to. But I had the nagging thought in my head that said, 'You need to answer that tag before you write anything else'. So here it is:

I love the smell of ... Coffee. I know I would say that, but it's true!
People would say that I ... can be quite creative.
I don't understand why ... people don't (can't or won't) believe in God or at least some "good force" behind our existence.
When I wake up in the morning ... I wonder why I stayed up so late the night before.
I lost my willpower to ... stop eating chocolate. I had a go once for a couple of weeks. It's not worth it.
Life is ... good. Very, very good. And precious.
My past made me ... what I am today. (Well, duh!) Some hard times, some sad times, lots of good times.
I get annoyed when ... cyclists go straight through a red traffic light when I am crossing the road with my children. I've lately taken to shouting at them and tonight I purposefully ran in front of a bike because the didn't stop. An old man swore at me yesterday because I made him swerve!
Parties are not a good time to ... I'm struggling with this answer because my mind keeps going back to what Ali wrote!
Dogs are ... almost bearable.
Cats are ... completely unbearable.
Tomorrow is ... Thursday. (Is that what you meant??)
I have a low tolerance for ... screaming.
I'm totally terrified of ... Hmm, terrified is pretty strong. I'm not sure I would let anything grip me with such fear. I hate the thought of something awful happening to my wife and kids, but why would anyone dwell on something that is very, very, very unlikely to happen?
I wonder why I thought my life would be ... of huge significance to lots of people? Because I'm prideful, perhaps. Something big may yet happen. Maybe on Thursday.
Never in my life have I ... smoked a cigarette
High school was ... good fun.
When I'm nervous ... I take a deep breath, get on with it and tell myself that tomorrow is Thursday and everything will be different.
One time at a family gathering ... I followed a wedding photographer around and copied every shot he took. Years later, as I worked as a wedding photographer, I realised how annoying that must have been.
Take my advice ... don't worry. It's going to be ok.
I'm almost always ... late.
I'm addicted to ... coffee?? Me? No way! I could give it up anytime I wanted. I just choose not to. Maybe I'll drink decaf tomorrow. No wait, tomorrow is Thursday. That's not a good day to start decaffeinating my life…
I want someone to ... discover what it really means to have a real and natural experience of God and an understanding of the ways of Jesus. That's a bit of a deep one to finish with, but I think that is what is at the heart of who I am. And you?


Ali said...

well done cosmo. you'll never enjoy another party again. have a great thursday!

Dana said...

Ali's answer about parties was priceless...and just good sound advice if you ask me.

Loved the part about being a wedding photographer...awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcus - hope all is well with you and congratulations and the latest addition to your family. love Judyx

Cosmo said...

Hi tea4two!

Hey! A family member stopping by and leaving a comment! Thank you.

I really must get back to more regular blogging. I thought this would be the week, but we have a house full of sickness - and I mean full!

Anonymous said...

I was browsing 'Sallybloggers' and a lady called Jessie Irwin had your site listed on hers :) that's how I came across you.

Having read some of your entries you don't seem to do to badly at nipping out for a coffee!! LOL

I do have a religious site too - this is more to do with my ministry. anyway take care, Judy